5 Questions
Angus Hyland

What is your favourite place to visit in London?
All the small, and not so small, green bits; the squares, and parks and heaths which lie between the brick red, stucco cream and concrete grey bits. Oh… and the Regents Canal tow path early on a summers morning.

Are you a less is more or more is more person?
I’m a minimalist by nature (rather than by doctrine) but I’m very attracted by the baroque because it’s bad for me.

What does AGI mean to you?
Our graphic past, present and, hopefully, future.

How do you take your tea?
Rooibus Chai with a spot of milk - I’m addicted to the stuff.

What has been your favourite collaboration?
Marion Deuchars - illustrator, author, wife, mother of my two boys, honest and consistent critic and fellow AGI.

Angus is coming to Open. View some of his work here.

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