In partnership with…

AGI is about promoting excellence in graphic communication to an international audience, and it is about sharing the accumulated experience and wisdom of some of the best graphic designers, illustrators and creative thinkers at work today.

AGI Open events are hugely popular, but they are complicated to stage and rely on key partnerships
to make them work. Success is dependent on strategic partnerships in vital areas.

This year, we have been exceptionally lucky in our partner companies. Each in their own way allows us
to meet our twin objectives of creative excellence and shared knowledge. 

The Barbican has helped us to hold AGI Open at the best arts venue in London; Adobe has enabled us to provided a high degree of educational content; the superior printing of Colourhouse has made it possible to offer our delegates high quality printed artifacts; and GF Smith have provided the paper on which to display information and graphic excellence.

Without these partnerships AGI Open would be less engaging, less informative, and, well, just plain less.

Tony Brook
UK President of AGI