Thanks for coming!

Sweet, sweet memories you gave to me
Can't beat the memories you gave to me

Thank you everyone who attended AGI Open 2013
– you made it a very special event.

Why can't every day be an #agi_open day? Such a jolly & unique event – when I grow up I want to be Margaret Calvert.

... #agi_open personal highlight was meeting/talking with Ben Bos

We attended the best graphic design congress in the world

#agi_open great to have graphics conference with some intellectual depth...good interesting discussions not just portfolios

agi_open is finally over, it was by far the most fun I've had at a graphics centered conference in a very long time...

Shoreditch is empty. #agi_open △◯

"'A' is an 'H' designed by an architect." - Dean Poole #agi_open

Don't think I've cried at a design conference before but Christoph Neimann came close with this: … #agi_open

A thought provoking morning at #agi_open

Finally 2000 people who understand me. #reduction vs #expression #AGI_open

Illuminating @agi_open: Margaret Calvert and Pierre Bernard — true stars without superstar egos

#agi_open was absolutely wonderful. Hats off to @Spin_TonyBrook and co. The delightful Margaret Calvert was a highlight.

@AJWShaughnessy @Spin_TonyBrook @agi_open Yep - a line up too good to miss. And Ken Garland was a wonderful surprise! So happy to be there

After the hype feeling like a weekly #agi_open talk would ease the wait for the next conference #designerlife

Huge respect for @Spin_TonyBrook & @AJWShaughnessy #agi_open was an absolute triumph. It doesn’t get better than that.

‘What media do you use? … My head.’ Frith Kerr on the irrelevant digital vs analog debate #agi_open

"Work gets done by working, not by having meetings." Christoph Nieman @abstractsunday #agi_open

#agi_open Margaret Calvert: "...the spaces are as important as the black for clarity."

Another day in the beautiful brutalist barbican for the second day of @agi_open #agi_open @ Barbican

Day 2 of #agi_open tribal gathering. Feeling distinctly inferior without facial hair, thick rim glasses and top button of shirt done up!

"What I like about the difference between design and art is that nobody proofreads art." Paula Scher at #agi_open

Micheal Beirut talks with Bantjes, Sagmeister vs Lobe, Perkins and Poole #agi_open. Curlywhirly vs straightsimple

"I'm almost 58. Why on earth would I do a record label now? It's completely inappropriate!" #PeterSaville on youth & authenticity #AGI_open

'You have to invest in design, your own style and personality.' - Pierre Bernard #agi_open

Having a great time at the #agi_open @ Barbican

A very inspiring morning... #agi_open

Loving Patrick Thomas’s collection of self initiated print work. Not sure about his hat tho #agi_open

Line up for @AGI_Open looking incredible. Looking forward to seeing / hearing feedback from LCC staff/students. #agi_open

"Self-initiated work is a playground where you can experiment with how you connect with an audience." Ian Anderson #agi_open